Once upon a time there was a charming King of the Panton Castle named Sir' Don, his Delightful Wife Madam Malinda, and two wonderful well behaved children, Princess Sariyah and Prince DJ....................... Ya'll bored Panton Gang? Yah, me too! 


What up Panton Gang! It's ya' boy "Don" also known as your favorite #TeamDon; don't tell the others I said so. lol. I enjoy chillin' with my family, pranking the gang daily, creating dope VLOGS for our subscribers like you, and how can I forget........ you know ya' boy enjoy staying fly with all this DRIP! 

Like I always say, "Keep God First!" Now I'm going to pass it over to my beautiful Queen.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Don!


What Up Panton Squad. It's ya' girl Malinda, the one and only. Holding down the gang, Est since 2006. I know you all are #TeamMalinda all day, despite what Don thinks. lol. Fun facts about me, I love my family, I love helping others, I love being creative and pushing boundaries, and I was once a "Black Sheep Turned Into the Goat!"

If I could leave my Panton Gang with anything, it would be to always believe in yourself, never let others put you in a box, and follow your dreams. 

Now, continue reading to learn more about the Princess of the Gang!

"They call me YaYa, but I'm Little Daddy's Princess!"


Hey Gang, it's YaYa here. Where are all my #TeamYaYa subscribers? Thank you all for showing my family and I so much love and support. I'm just a simple young girl, like most of you reading this. I enjoy hanging with my friends, bugging my little brother DJ, dressing up girly & stylish, and making Tik Tok videos. Now you know I'm the "Tik Tok Queen!"

Last, but definitely not least, check out my little brother DJ down below. 

It's the Fortnite King. lol.


But you can call DJ. I'm the youngest in charge, but making big statements. Besides pranking my family daily and playing with my friends on Fortnite, one of my favorite things to do is listen to music. I'm actually considering becoming a musician when I get older.


What do you think? #TeamDJ would you say I have what it takes?